Chetak Result Today Live Update Chart list 2023

Are you searching for Chetak lottery player Chetak Result Today Live, then you are here you can get the Chetak Result Today 28.7.2023 Live Update, at 09:00 AM To 09:00 PM.On this page we all are from 9 am to 9 pm Sangam Result, Chetak Result, Super Result, MP Deluxe Result, Bhagya Rekha Result, Diamond Result all lottery result and Chetak Satta Result is updated here time to time.

Here you can download Play Lottery Today Result, Sangam Lottery sambad Live draw, Chetak aaj ka Result, Chetak Satta Result, Chetak Matka Result.

Chetak Result Today Live

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Play India Lottery Old Result

Play India Lottery Today Result 27.7.2023:-

All the lottery results related to Play India lottery like Chetak Result, Sangam Result, Super Result, Diamond Result, MP Deluxe Result, etc. all the results are updated after every 15 minutes starting from 9 am. Check your today through the chart of Chetak result. You can check the Chetak result or you can download the Chetak lottery result in JPG format.
You can be satisfied by checking the new results of Chetak result and old results of Chetak result.

 Play India Lottery Game Chart 

PLAY INDIA LOTTERY, Sangam (संगम) CHETAK (चेतक) SUPER (सुपर) MP Deluxe (डीलक्स)  BHAGYAREKHA (भाग्य रेखा) DIAMOND (डायमंड)  All lottery results are updated simultaneously at a time. Which can be calculated by chart method.15 Minutes You can see the result for the second time by waiting for it. So stay on the page to see the Chetak result continuously.

Game No. Game Name 
4thMP Deluxe
5thBhagya Rekha

Play India Lottery Today Updates:-

Chetak lottery is an important lottery of India which is played in most of the states. There are many betting games which are illegal. Play India lottery mainly updates 6 (Sangam, Chetak, Super, MP Deluxe, Bhagya Rekha, Diamond) lottery results. Often Play India lottery updates every 15 minutes.

 Play India Lottery History  

In many states of India, lottery game is played legally and illegally. The history of lotto game is very old in the same way Chetak lottery is declaring Chetak result for many decades. You can get here all lottery results of play india lottery. All lottery satta game was played in one pot. But in modern era as development of technology all play india lottery game declare their lottery result online.
Chetak Lottery Online Draw is completely safe and easy. In the lottery game, the winners get lots of new big gifts.

Prize100 ₹
Draw Time09:00 AM-09:00 PM
Draw Date27.7.2023

How To Play Play India lottery [प्ले इंडिया लॉटरी कैसे खेलें]

Before participating in the Play India lottery game, read the necessary information, then only participate in Chetak lottery. Create a free account on the official website of Play India lottery. And keep your login account and password with you.

  • To participate in the Play India lottery, create a free account on the official website.
  • Login with login and password
  • Play Panel can play indoor, outdoor and pair games from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Play India lottery result update every 15 minutes.
  • Inside and outside ticket rate is 11 ₹ and winning price is 100 ₹.
  • Inside out game there are two digit numbers between 0-9 and A, B, C, D, E, F series.
  • Select draw time to play the game.
  • Submit your bet on any one or more numbers in the A, B, C, D, E, F series inside out.
  • To play the pairing game, submit your bet in the pair numbers 00-99.
  • The online result will be updated when each draw is timed.
  • The first number of the result is matched with the inside.
  • The second number is matched with the inside and outside.
  • The pairing of both the numbers is matched.
  • If your placed bet number matches with the result then you win.

How to download Play India Lottery Result Steps:-

Step 1: Go to the Play India Lottery official website at

Step 2: Select Date Today Lottery Result Option.

Step 3: Find “Play India Result 27.7.2023″

Step 4: Click the Search Button and View Play India Lottery Chart.

Step 5: Check your lottery ticket number.Motto of Play India Lottery Game:- The lottery game played in many states is legal, which anyone can participate by buying a lottery ticket. And can make their luck by playing the lottery game three times a day and all day of the week.
This lottery game is run by the state governments so that the revenue gets an economic boost. And the people can get help from the lottery prizes.

How to play India lottery online? (Play India lottery Kaise Khele?)

– Create a free account and login with your username and password.

– Three types of game you can play (Ander, Bahar, Jodi) from morning 9am to evening 9pm.

– Every 15 minutes game results are available.

– Andar, Bahar ticket price is Rs. 11/-, If you win you will get Rs. 100/-

– Jodi ticket price is Rs.1.1/- If you are win the game you will get Rs.100/-

– In the game of Andar and Bahar A B C D E F Series and 0 to 9 numbers, Select draw time and Play.

Play India lottery timeout

Draw Time: Every day Morning 9:00AM to 9:00PM you can play the game, First draw time 9 am then after fifteen minutes next draw (eg: 9:15am, 9:30, 9:45).

Chetak play India lottery 27.07.2023

Sangam, Chetak Result, Super, MP Deluxe, Bhagya Regha, Daimond these names are part of the Play India Lottery Result Games.

Note: Purchase of lottery using this website is strictly prohibited in the states where lotteries are banned, We are providing only India’s leading lottery results, Age 18 years to play online lottery tickets. ट पर क म, Chetak lottery result, Bhagya rekha results, Chetak result play online lottery., is not associated with any legal/ illegal lottery department, we are not promoting to buy tickets.

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