Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result Today 2023

Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result Today Latest Update on August 2023 : -Maharashtra State Lottery’s Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Weekly Lottery Results have been declared today on 2.8.2023 Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly 5:15 PM.

As per the official information provided by the Maharashtra State Lotteries, the winner of today’s Gajlaxmi First Winner award will receive INR 10 Thousand from a ticket worth INR 15. You can check your result from the lottery link given below…

Maharashtra State Lottery Live Result

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Download Maharashtra State Lottery Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly 2.8.2023 Today 5.15pm Result from here. Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Lottery Result Important Lottery of Maharashtra State which is legally operated by the state government there. You are satisfied to get the Result of Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Weekly Lottery at 05:15pm on this webpost Today’s Lottery Result of Maharashtra State Lottery 5:15pm is published.

Maharashtra State Lottery 2.8.2023 Today Result is Maharashtra State Lottery Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Weekly lottery Result draw whose Maharashtra lottery result is published a day. Mainly Maharashtra State Lottery is 5:15 pm Maharashtra State Lottery but being combined with lottery sambad, Maharashtra State Lottery will release the results of 05:15pm is published.

Today Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Weekly Lottery Result, Maharashtra Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Sambad, Today Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 5.15pm , Maharashtra State Lottery 05:15PM Result download today lottery result for different states.

Maharashtra State Lottery 2.8.2023

 Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 

Maharashtra Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result Today Live  2.8.2023
Lottery NameMaharashtra State Lotteries
Draw Code31
First PrizeRs. 10,000/-
Result date2.8.2023
Result Time05:15 PM
Lottery Result Click Here  >>
Result StatusPublished

Maharashtra State Lottery 

Maharashtra Lottery Result Today 28.07.2023: Maharashtra State Government conducts various weekly lottery schemes for its residents. People can participate in lotteries such as Gajlaxmi, Ganesh Laxmi, Laxmi, Sahyadri, Gaurav and Padmini to try their luck and win exciting cash prizes. The lottery results are declared regularly on specified dates and timings on the official government portal –

Some of the most notable and popular lotteries conducted by the Maharashtra government include:

  • Maharashtra Gajlaxmi Shukra: Held every Thursday, this lottery offers prizes ranging from ₹10,000 to ₹1 crore.
  • Maharashtra Ganesh Laxmi: Conducted every Saturday, this lottery provides a first prize of ₹1 crore along with several consolation prizes.
  • Maharashtra Laxmi:Organized every Tuesday, the Laxmi lottery provides the opportunity to win ₹1 crore as first prize.

The lottery results for all these Maharashtra government lotteries are updated daily on the official website Participants can check the lottery results by matching their ticket numbers with the winning numbers published.

So if you are looking for the latest Maharashtra lottery result updates for Gajlaxmi, Laxmi, Ganesh Laxmi and other lotteries, you have come to the right place. Stay tuned for all the latest lottery results announced by the Maharashtra government.

Maharashtra State Lotteries declares Today Maharashtra State Lotteries Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly / Monthly Lottery Result 05:15pm. You can download and share all lottery results in jpg format.

Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery ticket is only Maharashtra Sahyadri Weekly rupees 15 for 1 ticket, but 10 thousand is given as prize for winning the major. Results are also placed on this page which you can see Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result today 2.8.2023 is searched by different names, Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 5:15pm, Maharashtra State lottery 5:15pm result , Maharashtra State Lottery today Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly lottery result, Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Lottery Result, Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly lottery result 2023, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly lottery result 5:15pm, Maharashtra State lottery 2023.

Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result Today

Draw Date2.8.2023
Draw Time05:15 PM
Draw Prize10,000 ₹

How to Download Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result Today 2.8.2023

The ticket buyers are requested to follow the below steps to check the Maharashtra State Today Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Lottery Result at 2.8.2023. These steps will help you to find the correct result on time.

Step 1: Go to the Maharashtra State Lotteries official website at Maharashtra State Lotteries

Step 2: Click the Today Lottery Result Option.

Step 3: Find “Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 2.8.2023″

Step 4: Click the Today Maharashtra State Lottery Result View link.

Step 5: Match your lottery number.

Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Lottery 5:15 PM Result 2.8.2023

If you are interested to know Punjab lottery sambad today Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly result then here at 5:15 pm Maharashtra State lottery result is declared which you can see here in jpg format. Stay on this page till 05:15 PM To 06:00 PM for Maharashtra State lottery Sahyadri Weekly Live Draw.

Lottery Result Prize Money

The lottery ticket can be purchased for just Rs. 15 and offers the chance to win significant cash prizes. The winners can choose from a variety of awards and cash prizes, with the first prize being worth Rs 10,000 and the second prize worth Rs 5,000.

1st PrizeRs. 10000
2nd PrizeRs. 2,000
3rd PrizeRs. 1,000
4th PrizeRs. 500
5th PrizeRs. 400

Maharashtra State Lottery 05:15 PM Result:-

Maharashtra State Lottery declares many bumper results. Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result 2023 is Maharashtra State Lottery at 05:15 PM whose result gets published on the page around 05:30 PM. Maharashtra State Lottery Result,2.8.2023 Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Result, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Result Today Live 5:15PM,

Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Result 5:15PM, Maharashtra State Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Result, Maharashtra State lottery result 5:15PM, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Result, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly result, Maharashtra Vijayalaxmi Lottery Result Today 5:15PM, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Lottery 5:15 PM result 2.8.2023, Maharashtra Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Lottery Result, Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Live Draw.

How soon will the Lottery results be released?

The official website has the outcome available.

The Sahyadri Vijayalaxmi Weekly Result was announced on what day and what time?

At 5:15 p.m. on 5 April 2023, it was revealed.

Where can I find the state lottery results in PDF?

Results can be viewed by participants on this page or the official website.

What is the result of the lottery?

Users should adhere to the guidelines provided in this article.

How much money will the winner receive as their prize?

The winner of the first-place prize will get Rs. 10,000.

How to participate in the Maharashtra lottery?

Here are the steps to participate in Maharashtra lotteries:

Check the lottery schedule on the official website The website lists all the upcoming lotteries along with the draw dates.

  1. Choose the lottery you want to participate in. Popular options include Gajlaxmi, Ganesh Laxmi, Laxmi, etc. Different lotteries are held on different days of the week.
  2. Buy the lottery tickets from authorized lottery retailers across Maharashtra. Tickets are priced from Rs.6 to Rs.500 depending on the lottery.
  3. Ensure that your personal details like name, address and phone number are correctly printed on the ticket. Incorrect details may lead to non-payment of prizes.
  4. On the day of the draw, check the lottery result on the official website. The results are published in the afternoon around 4 pm.
  5. Match your ticket number with the winning numbers published on the website. If you find a match, you are a winner!
  6. Claim your prize within the stipulated time period. Major prizes have to be claimed within 30 days, while smaller prizes can be claimed within a week.
  7. Along with the winning ticket, carry proper identity proof to the verifying office to claim your prize.

Maharashtra lottery 2023

The Maharashtra state lottery was introduced way back in April 1969 with the aim of curbing illegal gambling activities like Matka gambling and protecting citizens from falling prey to such scams. The state-run lottery ensures complete transparency and trustworthiness while offering citizens the opportunity to win huge sums with a minimal investment, fulfilling their dreams.


The revenue generated from lottery ticket sales helps the state government invest in improving infrastructure, healthcare, education, welfare schemes for women and children as well as agriculture. At the same time, the lottery business provides full-time or part-time employment to many unemployed people engaged in selling lottery tickets.

The Maharashtra lottery was initiated by the Finance Department with the objective of generating additional tax revenue for the state exchequer in a transparent manner. This put a brake on the flourishing illegal gambling activities at the time by providing citizens with a legal and ethical alternative. Over the past five decades, the lottery business has grown manifold in the state, benefitting both citizens and the government.

In a nutshell, the Maharashtra State Lottery was launched back in 1969 with noble intentions of curbing illegal gambling, protecting citizens and generating additional tax revenue for the state in an ethical manner. It has evolved into a flourishing venture delivering social and economic benefits to all stakeholders involved.

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